Retirement Planning


To assist you with your retirement plan, we will first meet with you to understand your personal objectives as well as your tolerance for risk.  We then review all of your current retirement assets including: IRA’s, 401(k) accounts, self-employment plans, pensions, and any other qualified or non-qualified accounts. Together we then will construct a retirement planning strategy to suit your comfort level. 


To entice and retain the best talent, employers should offer the best employee benefits, particularly retirement plans.

We provide expert guidance with identifying and implementing plans with low-cost investments, transparent fees, high-quality recordkeeping, participant education, compliance testing, and documentation—all at a low, all-in cost.

For sole proprietorships and start-up businesses, establishing a SEP IRA plan is an important step.  In addition to retirement planning, SEP IRA’s offer extensive tax benefits yet require very little paperwork and operating costs.

For small businesses with multiple employees, Tepp Financial Planning can assist you with operating high-quality, low-cost 401k retirement plans from which both you and your employees can benefit.